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Travel Checklist

24th February 2017

Without sounding cheesy (it most likely will anyway) last year taught me a lot of things. One thing, in particular, was my how much I love to travel. It made me realise there really is a whole world out there and I must see as much of it as possible! I’m not too sure whether I’d like to go backpacking one day or go on as many nice holidays as possible, but I do know that I want to see as much as I can, whether that’ll be flown to on an aeroplane or simply just a couple hours drive away. As of recent, I’ve been watching tonnes of travel vlogs and I’ve been pinning probably too many pins on Pinterest; causing my travel sweet tooth to go wild. It has also given me an idea of some of the places I really, really wish to go to.

A couple of years ago I had a mad obsession with travelling. I was saving as much money as I possibly could a month and just counting the days until I could go and book a one-way ticket around the world. Only, something happened and my savings stopped growing altogether and if anything, they’ve decreased just as rapidly as they grew. My plan now; to save slowly and to go to places I so desperately wish to go to, ticking them off this very list as I do.

There are only six places on this list at the mo, but another part of my plan is to come back at a later date and tick places off or add places on. I’m not sure how long this list is going to be, but it’s definitely not finished! This is a work in progress, my friends, and I cannot wait to get going. Shall we??????


– Edinburgh 

First of all, Edinburgh. There’s always been something about Edinburgh that has drawn me in. I think it’s partly so I can go to the cafés where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and also because Edinburgh looks so lovely and atmospheric, that I need need need to go. When looking at photos of Edinburgh, I feel like you do when looking at pictures of perfect beaches and locations you can only really dream about. Like a travel brochure. It just looks beautiful.

– Amsterdam

The first time I ever said, “Oh my, I’m going to Amsterdam” was when I watched The Fault In Our Stars. I can’t be the only can I?! Anyway, Amsterdam looks to me like one of the most idyllic places EVER. What with the canals and the Anne Frank museum. It just has to be done, doesn’t it?!

– Bora Bora

Paradise is an understatement for Bora Bora. My dream is to stay in one of those little huts over the ocean where you can stroll out the back door, down some steps and right into the water. When going somewhere like Bora Bora, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe the only technology that should exist is a camera. No phones or wifi, just a good book and the wonderful blue ocean. I mean, come on, how bloody amazing does that sound?!

– New York

I love cities. The first time I went to Paris, I remember the exact moment when I fell in love with it. I love the hustle and the bustle; I love the constant flow of people and I love being in the centre of a world that literally never sleeps. I find myself going to London as much as possible, but New York is a must in my eyes. Preferably at Christmas – who doesn’t want to see New York at Christmas?! The first thing on my to-do list in New York is to go to a traditional coffee shop, preferably just off Central Park, and get a proper coffee. Then, I’ll just walk around until my feet get tired.

– Sydney

Sydney is another city desire of mine. The amount of people I know who’ve gone to Sydney and come back wishing to jump on a plane again has been more than you would imagine. It’s another place I find myself looking at on the internet and daydreaming about all things I could do whilst there. I think for most of the time, I would spend walking around the Opera House and taking every, single, minute detail in. It’s places like Sydney where you just have to treasure every second… am I right?

– Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been on my travel checklist now for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with LA – I had a dream when I was younger to move there one day…. I can’t say I still have that dream, but I do have a massive desire to visit, of course.


I think that’s where I’m going to leave it for now! Like I said before, I’ll be popping back here whenever I want to add somewhere or cross somewhere off. Also, as I go to the places on this list, I’ll most likely be doing a blog post on that place too, so I’ll make sure to link it here as I cross it off.

Thank you ever so for stopping by. If you have any ideas or have been somewhere that is utterly out of this world, please let me know down below so I can have a little look myself and maybe put it on my little Travel Checklist too. I hope you enjoyed reading this short post; it’s made me even more excited for my future holidays to come and I cannot wait to start crossing some of the places off! Thanks again, and I shall hopefully see you again soon!

– Pat xx