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Six Must-Haves for Next Summer

22nd September 2017

this blog post contains affiliate links where marked “*”

This summer there’s been product after product that I’ve been loving. Even more so, unable to live without. For the first time ever, this year I’ve been trying new products and for the ones that I like, have been literally using them every. single. day. When it comes to summer, my skin struggles. It struggles through the colder months, too, but when it’s hot – like on holiday – it struggles even more so. My face goes dryer than a desert; sweating is just terrible (come on, who enjoys sweating?!); and sometimes, during summer, all you want is a bath, but you can’t because it’s just too damn hot. With that being said, this year I’ve been using products that have been helping me out no end. They’ve been perfect for summer and you need, need, need to know about them, too! So… shall we?


for those hot, uncomfortable nights

Dusting powder. Two words. Dusting. Powder. This is a life saver, genuinely. If I’m honest, I use dusting powder all year round. I use it in the winter, through spring, more so in summer, and whenever I jump out of the shower. Dusting powder is something for when you need a little bit of dryness, in parts that are mostly moist (ew, moist). Which, in summer, sometimes, can be freaking everywhere. You can keep it in your bag, quickly pop it on before heading out, and it keeps you so fresh and feeling clean, clever and ready for whatever. I’ve been using Gymslip throughout the summer – it smells oh-so-fresh and the smell is so fragrant it’s perfect for those nights on holiday or if you’re feeling in need of a quick refreshment. Another one I love is Silky Underwear which I use more through the colder months. It’s moisturising and it smells just like calm. If being calm and cosy had a smell it would smell like Silky Underwear.

dry skin, perfect moisturiser

No moisturiser has ever, and I’m not sure anything will compare to Enzymion by Lush. No moisturiser has ever been so perfect for my skin – and it is even more so during the summer. I suffer massively from dry skin on my face, even from just washing it. So, when I’m on holiday and I’m swimming in the sea, applying cream every day, it can get rather dry. Again, I use this all year round, but it deffo comes in handier during the hotter days and warm nights. I wrote a post all about this moisturiser and just how perfect it is for my skin, so you can check that here if you fancy reading more into it. Summed up, this moisturiser is perfect for anyone with dry skin, but oily sometimes, too. I really can’t recommend it enough.

summer candles are great. Great I tell you!

If I were to try and think back to a time where I lit candles during summer, I wouldn’t be able to. Ok, maybe for the evenings where the house smells like food, but when it comes to lighting a candle for some cosy vibes during the summer months, it just doesn’t seem to happen. I guess a part of me believed that candles were a thing for colder months. Cold months only; fire on, rain outside, you know. But oh how I was wrong. I found this Yankee Candle, Beach Waves, whilst exploring Lakeside shopping centre. It must have been early July and I was most likely pre-planning which candles I wanted for Autumn, but when I stumbled across this one and discovered how fresh it was, I just couldn’t resist. It’s literally perfect for the summer. The freshest of smells, not too strong, and as cosy as a candle can be. Now, however, I’m deffo ready for some cinnamon scents and ones that smell good enough to eat.

just, amazing – peppermint foot scrub 

I don’t even know what to say about this product, apart from it’s freaking incredible. I got the *Peppermint Intensive Foot Scrub as a present for my birthday, which was early July, and oh-my-goodness, I’m obsessed. So here’s the thing; I work a full-time job, spending the whole day on my feet. When I have time, I like to run, too, so that combined with my standing-all-day-feet, they can get dry, cracked, and sometimes in some serious need of a bit of t.l.c. I’ve also used a fair few scrubs before in my time, but a lot of them leave my feet feeling dryer than before and sometimes, a little sore. This one, however, is oh-so-different. One, it smells good enough to eat; refreshing and light, so perfect for the summer. Upon dipping my finger in, it definitely felt like a scrub, but when you rub it in, it lathers up for one which is lovely and it’s so moisturising, too. I wasn’t expecting it! But if you’re in need of something not too harsh, oh-so-moisturising and light, you have to try this. You have to! It’s freaking amazing.

baths, too

Another thing I tend to steer clear of during summer is a bath. I mean, when it’s hot, you’re sweating, do you really want a hot bath? No. Well, I definitely didn’t. Until I discovered this beauty. The Magnolia Grove Baths Salts from Laura Ashley are by far one of the nicest smelling baths salts I’ve ever smelt. They’re incredibly fresh, light and you can’t really feel them in the bath with you, but the smell is beautiful. If summer had a smell, it would smell like these bath salts. And, even better, you literally only need one cap-full to make the whole room smell like a summer wonderland. I just recommend running the water a little colder, popping a cap-full of these salts in during, and relax within the smells. It’s just so calming and lovely; not too expensive, worth every penny, and in general a lovely addition to a bath.

something light, to last the night

This is something that I’ve been looking for for a long, long time. I’ve been on the search for a fragrance that isn’t too expensive, smells good, and lasts a long time. Never once did I think to check in Primark. There I was, looking through the makeup section with my buddies when I stumbled across the fragrance section. I was smelling all of them, working my way around. If I’m honest, I was shocked. There must’ve been about six that I liked and wanted to buy… what with the price point, £3.50. Three freaking pounds, fifty. For real. In the end, I settled on this one, the Horizon Eau De Toilette, which smells fresh, airy and light. I wore this almost every day whilst on holiday – just for walking around, visiting some shops, and of course during the nighttime, too. For the price that it’s sold that, you really cannot go wrong.


To end this blog post, I must say, there are tonnes and tonnes of amazing products out there. Sometimes, it takes a bit of trial and error before you find that perfect product. But, in order to find those products that fit into your life as well a bath does on a snowy night, try new things. Treat yourself to that new product from Lush – you might hate it, you might love it. But try it. Give it a shot! I found almost all of these products by telling myself to try something new and oh-my am I glad that I did! I love finding new bits and trying them, discovering if they’re any good in the process. So, do it! Try that new makeup you saw in Boots; try that new perfume you love, even though your friends said it smelt like a public toilet. Do it! Be happy. OK! So that is it for this post! I hope you’ve taken something from it. Thank you so much for reading it and as usual, all my love, Pat xx