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Oh, Ice Cream

13th January 2017

January is such a hard month diet wise, let’s be honest. So far this month I’ve been eating as clean as possible, but oh wow have I been missing sweet treats. If I weren’t on a diet, I wouldn’t normally crave ice cream, but for some reason, I’m craving ice cream at the minute more than ever. To be completely honest, I’ve been so close to going out and buying a tub of peanut butter Ben & Jerry’s, but I’ve held myself back, telling myself to breathe. It was this craving, however, that sparked an idea… why don’t I try and make a frozen treat that’s not only easy to make but healthy too? I basically combined a few ingredients that I thought might go well together and froze them and wallah, I bring you Chocolate Peppermint and Mango & Honey, both frozen just like ice cream and sweet as well. Oh and not to forget healthy too. Soooooo shall we?!

Mango & Honey

If you’re a fan of sorbet, you will LOVE this one. It’s sweet just like normal ice cream but as fresh as sorbet. The mango is a bit tart but because of the honey, it’s perfectly sweet at the same time. The perfect quick treat. I can see this one as a really nice desert – when you’re full, but in need of something sweet without being too sickly. There are only three ingredients in each of these recipes so if you’re in need of something totally quick and easy just to whack in the freezer, these are just for you, my friend!

You Will Need:

Two Mangoes

100ml Oat Milk

Two Teaspoons Honey


Step One – Cut and peel the mangoes and place in a blender.

Step Two – Measure out the milk and place in blender also.

Step Three – Throw in the honey and blend away!

Step Four – Making sure everything is nicely combined, place in a suitable container and pop in the freezer, leaving preferably over night.


Chocolate Peppermint

Ok, I’m totally aware that this one doesn’t look the best in the picture, but without blowing my own trumpet, I’m actually really proud of how it turned out – it tastes AMAZING. I’m the biggest chocoholic and not being able to have at the moment is tough my friend! So tough! I’m craving peanut butter cups the most ommmmg. But anyway, for this one I combined my favourite peppermint tea with some chocolate oat milk and threw a banana into the mix as well. It works a treeeeat and if anyone out there is craving chocolate, you NEED to try this!

You Will Need:

100ml Chocolate Oat Milk

100ml Peppermint Tea

One Banana


Step One – Peel banana and place into blender.

– If you don’t have a blender, you can just mash up the banana and mix together by hand with the milk and tea.

Step Two – Measure out the tea and the milk and place in the blender.

Step Three – BLEEEEND.

Step Four –  Place into a suitable container and freeze over night.


When it came to scooping out the ice creams, I must admit it was actually quite tough. The mango one was a lot softer than the chocolate one so that one came out quite easily, but the chocolate one was a mission and a half! I recommend doing these as ice-lollies as opposed to scoop-able ice cream – I reckon that might make your life just a little bit easier.

And that’ll be it for this post! Thank you for reading it and I hope you like it. If you do try out either of these (or both if you’re feeling experimental) let me know how it went in the comments below! Honestly, I’m so excited for summer to come around, just so I have more of an excuse to freeze random bits into ice-lollies to see what I can come up with haha. Thanks again lovelies! And I hope you have the most wonderful day.

– Pat xx