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Nights Under The Fairy Lights

10th March 2017

Do you know what I love? Like really, really, really, freaking love?? Those nights under the fairy lights. Nights where you turn off every single switch, light a candle and flick on your fairy lights; grab a book, grab a hot drink and play some music that gets right under your skin and massages every single muscle possible. Those nights. It’s nights like those that I look forward to after a long stressful day; it’s those nights that urge me forward when things don’t necessarily feel like they’re going very well, and it’s those nights where nothing seems to matter but the choice of bath bomb to use. It was also those nights that inspired this blog post. I thought I’d let you know of some of my fave products to use, or fave candle to light, and those extra little wonderful bits, when I run myself a bath and turn on the fairy lights.


Which Mood, Which Bath Bomb

The first thing that comes to mind when I decide on having a bath is which bath bomb to use. I did a blog post on an exclusive Lush product a couple of weeks back which you can find here and in it, I mainly mentioned how much I love Lush. So, like the exclusives, I have as many bath bombs from Lush that my little bath basket can hold (not that I couldn’t buy any more… I would buy the whole shop if I could afford it!) Over the years I’ve found myself building up a bit of a collection of bath bombs. I have a habit when it comes to Lush to buy their exclusives bits from either the Christmas or Easter range and not use them purely because I can’t face the fact that I’m going to have to wait another year before they come out again. Sometimes, however, I have to bite the bullet and use them, which when I do, I love them even more; holding myself back not to place another order online for the same ones. I do, also, find myself stocking up on some of my favourites bath bits and bath bombs. The one I’m using in this post is one of the first ever ones that I ever bought from Lush. It’s the Blackberry Bath Bomb and ever since using this little lilac fella, I’ve been head over heels in love and it will always be one of my favourites. The smell calms me down instantly which is what we want from baths isn’t it?! It makes the water this wonderful light purple colour, it has these little specks of colour that shoot around the tub – it really is just magical, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to have a little look at Lush’s description for this wonderful little ball, you can find it here.

When It Comes To Washing

Like most others (I hope) I always have a scrub in the tub. Sometimes, like my taste of bath bombs, I debate for a good couple of minutes which shower gel or soap to use. Normally, I go for something that will match the bath bomb I use or depending on my mood, something more calming. At the minute I’m totally in love with the Body Shop. I never really bought anything from The Body Shop until the beginning of this year. Me and my boyfriend went in not long after new year to have a little browse and we stumbled across the Christmas range all discounted. And typical me, quick not to miss a bargain, I bought some Chai shower gel and the matching sugar scrub. Let me put it this way, I’ve never wished for a product not to end so much in my life (I actually have loads of each left because I’ve rationed them LOL). This little obsession has had me looking in The Body Shop nearly every time I go shopping now; smelling all the body butters, the little bottles of shower gel, and even this little bottle of something I can’t remember because it was just so different, that was a bit like a gel, but upon rubbing it on your skin, it gently removed all the dead skin in the patch it was placed. It was a little bit magical, not going to lie. So when my mum came home the other day with a bag from The Body Shop (and Lush, thanks, mum) I was probably more excited than I should’ve been. In the bag, there were three bars of soap, all different, and all smelling lovely. I’m a bit obsessed with the Shea soap at the min, which you can find it here and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to try the other ones, too.

Setting The Scene

Why is it we have baths? Is it so we can totally, truly unwind and forget that one day at work or at school which is playing over and over in our mind, or do we simply have them to just, you know, wash? I, personally, only ever have a bath if I’m looking to relax and enjoy the warmth of the water, the colour and feeling of the bath bomb, the lightly dimmed fairy lights and also, another necessity, a candle. If I’m looking for a quick fix after the gym or just before I go out, I’ll jump in the shower and be as quick as possible. A bath, however, is completely the opposite. I normally have one when the week has come to an end and I’ve got my day off. I have one when my book is at it’s greatest and I need nothing but the sound of a candle flickering to enjoy the words at their best. This throws at me another dilemma, though, which candle do I use? Which candle can I buy or whack out from my collection that will set my dream bath scene? I keep a few Yankee Candle votives for times like this, but at the minute I’m using the Zoella Lifestyle candle, My Eden, which you can find here. This one, in particular, I really really love. It’s gently floral scented which combined with the bath bomb and soap, it’s the perfect cherry on top of a chilled out bath. These candles not only work amazingly around the house but when you’re snuggled up in the bath or your bed, book in hand, it really does set the scene just perfectly!

And, Afterwards

As soon as I step out of the bath, I let the water run out of the tub, blow out the candle, and I can just feel myself nodding off. I’m always way too relaxed after having a bath and all I want to do at this point is to dry off and get straight into bed. I mean, I will, but there are a few things I do afterwards that tops off my relaxation. The first thing I do is the boring stuff. By boring stuff, I mean dry myself off and put on some deodorant. After that, I grab my trusted Dusting Power, Silky Underwear, from Lush and rub it gently over my body. This stuff is my favourite thing ever and I don’t think I could ever not use it after a shower or bath now. Not only does it make you feel dry, smooth and soft, it smells absolutely wonderful, too. It’s the most calming smell and I also believe it has body butter in it so that leaves you feeling even softer and pleasant smelling than ever before. Once this is done, I pop myself in my pyjamas and smooth some moisturiser over my face. Again, from Lush, I’m using Enzymion at the mo. When I bought this, I asked one of the lovely Lush guys which moisturiser is best for someone with oily, but after washing, dry skin. She told me about Enzymion and she gave me a little sample. I tried it and went back instantly to buy a tub. I got through my first one and now I’m on my second. Soon to be third, I’m sure. I’ve never used a moisturiser so perfect for me and I love, love, love it. It’s also not too strong in smell, so it really does leave you feeling fresh and clean, but moisturised at the same time. I can’t recommend it enough.

Don’t Forget Your Pyjamas

I just wanted to add in this post, in true Patjama style, that taking baths, or time out for yourself to relax and to lay back for a minute, is so important. I totally get that some people live totally busy lives where finding some to have a bath is near impossible, but if anything, it’s those people that need to make the time more than anyone else. I can’t stress how important it is for you to relax once in a while and to just forget about all the other bits going on in your life. So my point is, even if you don’t have baths or are way too busy to even think about relaxing, just take five minutes to stop and catch a breath. You’ll be immensely glad you did afterwards, trust me.


That’ll be it for this post! If you have any recommendations from your own relaxation time; whether that’s a specific product you use in the bath or a book or a film you turn to that makes you feel completely at ease, please let me know down below. I love finding new ways to unwind. As usual, thank you so much for paying my blog a little visit – I do really appreciate it. I upload every Friday, so if you’re new here, make sure to look for something new then! I hope you have the most wonderful, chilled out day ever! And hopefully, I shall see you here again soon.

– Pat xx