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LUSH Kitchen | Hair Gelly

10th February 2017

So I’m sure most people have heard of Lush by now… if you haven’t, prepare to spend all of your money. Personally, I’ve been a massive fan now for as long as I can possibly remember and by not having a store near me, every time I find myself going to somewhere where there’s a Lush store, I honestly get overly excited and write a list weeks prior of all the things I wish to buy. And I think it’s safe to say, I’ve tried almost everything you can possibly buy from Lush. You’ve got your shower gels and shower jellies; you’ve got your shampoo bars and makeup; and your fresh face masks and of course bath bombs. If you’re someone who loves treating yourself every now and then or is simply on the search for someone’s birthday present, Lush is the place to be.

Lush’s website, just like the actual store, is another haven of wonderful colours and ‘oh, I need that!’. I’m always on it either having just been paid or looking at the new products (F.Y.I if you haven’t heard of Lush, you just wait until they release their Christmas range again – OMG). There’s also a feature on the website that is the first place I go to when paying a little visit. And that, my friend, is the ‘Kitchen’. On the kitchen, you can find anything from exclusives, to returning favourites, or even completely new products. I was on there the other day just browsing and I stumbled across this product called, ‘Zest, Hair Gelly’… Say what?! Hair Gelly?! What on earth is Hair Gelly??? I was drawn to it for two reasons. 1) Again, Hair Gelly?! and, 2) One of my favourite Lush products of all time is their Shower Jellies – shower gel formed into a squidgy little jelly that you either break apart or smooth all over your body (let’s just say I want to eat it at the same time too). Having clicked it, I read the description and placed an order straight away. That’s another thing you need to remember about the Kitchen, the products sell at lightning speed! It’s great. Let me tell you some more about it….

Even though I have massive trust in Lush, as quite frankly their products have never let me down, as I was reading the description of this cute little gelly, I was honestly feeling a tad sceptical. Only really because when it comes to hair products, I’m ever so fussy. My hair is weird – it goes oily if too much product is used; it’s fair, but there’s so much of it. Also, I never, ever, ever use gel of any form; it’s never worked with my hair and as soon as I run a gel through it, it instantly looks greasy and horrible. So yeah, I was feeling a bit sceptical, but at the same time, completely and utterly buzzing to try a new Lush product.

Upon opening the little pot, the first thing that hit me was the smell – it smells like a little pot of that moment as you walk past a Lush store in the street. Does anyone know what I mean??? Like you know when you’re strolling through town and there’s a Lush store nearby, you can just smell it can’t you? And it’s so exciting??! Well, that’s what this smells like. Even when it’s in your hair, it still smells incredible. The second thing that hit was the texture of it – it was indeed like jelly! I popped it out and held it in my hand. It was weird… I was holding hair gel! And even cooler, as you pop the gelly back and forth in your hands, and then back in the pot, it leaves a slime almost on your hand which as you rub, it’s get less slimy and more like hair wax. I ran it through my hair, messed it around a little, and wallah. (See picture just above this.) The gelly actually worked! And the best part, you only need a tiny bit of it for it to work… this stuff lasts forever!

Summing all my rambling up, this product is amazing. Like I said, Lush never really lets me down, even when using something I would never use on a normal day. If you wear your hair a bit scruffy, or even in a lose quiff, this product is utterly perfect for you. I can’t recommend it enough. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for it to pop back on the Kitchen again, what with it being an exclusive. If by any chance someone from Lush sees this, I hope I’ll see this gelly popping up more – I really do love it.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I really do appreciate it. If you’ve ever used a Lush Kitchen product before, let me know down below so I can keep an eye out. Thanks again, and I shall see you soon!

– Pat xx