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A Little Personal Post

7th April 2017

tap tap, here we go

I feel like it’s been ages since I sat at my computer and let the many buzzing words in my mind run through my fingers and onto my keyboard, right into the computer. I feel like at the minute that is exactly what I need. Incredible need. You see, the thing about Patjama is even though I love posting lifestyle posts when it comes to food and fashion bits, I also love posting things like this. Posts where you can read back and remember, or to simply just let your tornado mind have a moment of peace. I love reading these sort of posts, too. Life update sort of posts. And that, my dear reader, is exactly what this is.

tick tock, this is a clock

Yes, you’re right, that was a Hunger Games reference. And no, I’m still not over Wiress either. But anyway, I’ve been having moments recently of pure anxiousness. Not because I’ve got blog posts to write; not because I’ve got a YouTube video going up tomorrow and I still haven’t filmed it, but purely because time is ticking by so. freaking. fast. I hate it. Like where is it going? Come back. Please, come back (Titanic reference – you’re welcome). It’s got to the point now where I might look at the clock and it could be 12:07 – I’ll look up five minutes later and wish I had done something different so I could think, ‘that was a good five minutes!’. Eventful, even. But the harsh truth is that time has gone. It’s forever out of my grasp. Do you know what, though? That’s ok. Because fingers crossed you’ll get another five minutes. And another. I’m constantly reminding myself that time moves on regardless if we like it or not. And to live in the present is the only way forward.

those aren’t the right shoes

Today (Monday as I write this) I started a new job! Yaaaay. And do you know what, it was actually ok. Yes, true, I didn’t sleep last night because I was beyond anxious – and yes, also true, I nearly didn’t get out of the car upon arrival, but you know what… it was actually OK. The time went by, I did a whole days work and it was OK! Even though, as I turned up, I was told I was wearing the wrong shoes. OK then. Still went alright, though! And Mr I don’t know your name – Mr Hi Ves Jacket? – I will wear the same shoes I wore today, tomorrow and no one can take that away from me. No even you Mr Hi Ves! I was beyond anxious, wearing the wrong shoes, left alone to flat-pack what felt like a million boxes, but the sun still shone, my heart carried on beating (thank you, God) and somewhere in the world, someone was told the best news they could possibly ever hear. And that, my dear reader, is enough.

i’ve got moisturising socks on

Also, as I write this, I have moisturising socks on! Which, I bought just after Christmas. Not too sure why it’s taken me this long to get them out of their wrapper, but oh well! My point here is, like moisturising socks, when you put them on they feel terrible! Like seriously, if you haven’t ever worn them, try them and then you’ll know just how terrible they actually are. However! Saying that, once the suitable time has passed having worn them, goodness gracious, your feet feel wonderful. Bloody wonderful. So, what I’m trying to say is, you may have many things going on in your head, a tonne of emotions sitting on your shoulders, but time does pass, and just like the seasons, so will how you feel. I’ve been having to remind myself lately that in this day and age, it is so easy getting lost within the ‘you shoulds’ and ‘this is how you do it’, but no, you follow your own gut, let your heart guide the way and afterwards, I can promise you, you’ll be just as soft and wonderful as my feet are right now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I definitely did. Love, Pat xx