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Here’s To a New Year

30th December 2016

Ok, hold the phone. For once in my life, I’m actually getting slightly worried by how fast time seems to be flying…. Is it actually the beginning of a new year already?! Oh my goodness, it feels like only yesterday that I posted my summer holiday post. But anyway, what with it being this time of year, I just had to post a New Year post, to just you know, reminisce slightly and look back on 2016, and eagerly onto 2017. Normally when the year transitions into the next I’m excited and ready for it, but for some reason this year I feel both excited and slightly sad to be saying goodbye to another year. A lot of people I know are genuinely excited for 2016 to end because of what it’s consisted of, which is fair enough, but even though this year has really been a bit of a kerfuffle, I’m still slightly shocked how quickly it’s gone. Maybe I’m just not ready for the Christmas tree to be packed away for another year… Oh, December! Why do you have to end?!

2016 was a bit of a funny year for me. I feel like I’ve learnt so much – not only about other people but myself as well (sorry for the cheesiness). I still expect to learn a lot in the years to come, but this year I’ve had to face some serious home-truths and situations I would never have thought I’d have to actually face. It’s weird because I can’t remember starting 2016… I can’t remember planning my resolutions or deciding on the things I wanted to change… I didn’t even really plan on starting this blog, in fact, it just sort of happened. That’s a good way to summarise my 2016 actually; everything just sort of happened. Along the way I made plans and only stuck to a few; not once have I found myself bored; I’ve lost count at how many diets I’ve started and stopped, and the amount of things I’ve fallen in love with this year are endless. I’ve been on more holidays this year than I have in the last three and I’ve already booked another one, making some true friends along the way; I went to Brighton for the first time ever and have been back countless times – London too, and my personal happiness this year has been possibly the best it’s ever been thanks to a certain few. So even though 2016 was just a gentle sail along a current that I had no idea where was going to end up, I’ve actually enjoyed immensely. Thinking back, maybe that was my new year’s resolution, to just go with the flow.

What I came to realise was even though there was a lot of things in 2016 I wished to do, but never actually did, there were other things that I succeeded in doing, even though I never planned on doing them. What I’m trying to say is, if you plan on doing something, but never come around to actually do it, I’m sure something just as new and exciting will come around. And also, don’t worry too much if you don’t stick to a diet or a moisturising routine every evening, just remember to try again and again until something sticks. The same applies to my blog. Not only did I have it completely re-designed, but I also planned on posting four times more than I usually did, which is one of those of things I stuck to for about a month until I realised I wasn’t happy with the content, so I stopped. On the other hand, though, in the time I planned on writing blog posts, I found myself writing a whole new project which is now nearly finished. So for New Year, I’ve given myself a blogging schedule which I hope I’ll stick to, but if I don’t, I’ll work something else out. Regarding other projects, well for those, I’m just going to stick with the paragraph above this one, to go with the flow and see what happens. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

I’ve got some seriously exciting things planned for 2017. I wanted to talk about resolutions and I would love to know yours – for 2017 I’ve got a whole damn list on what I want to do differently. I want to live organised, without thinking too much of the future (living for today, if you like), take care of myself more; treat myself to a few bath bombs a month without worrying about money or feeling selfish; to not take life so seriously and to stop worrying about what others think, because another thing I’ve realised is, people will always think, so why worry? I’m going to do more of what I love, making time for others at the same time. What 2016 taught me is things change whether we like it or not and sometimes acceptance is the only way forward. That’s my mindset for 2017, onwards and upwards. Forwards and focused.


I thought I’d throw in some pictures from a few of my favourite moments in 2016. So please enjoy ♥︎


So here’s to 2016, another year gone. I wish you the most wonderful New Year, whether that’s sat in front of the TV watching the fireworks, or going out with a bang at a party of some sort. Thank you for reading my farewell 2016 post, and I guess, for now, I shall see you in the New Year! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy life! Because isn’t that what it’s all about?! See you soon my lovelies,

– Pat xx