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Getting Organised & Loving It

7th July 2017

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When it comes to organisation I feel like you’re either madly into an organised life, or the total opposite. Like I totally get those people who go with the flow and never plan a day in their life whatsoever, but on the other end of the spectrum, there’s people like me who love, love, love it. It might sound sad, but to me, there’s nothing more exiting than getting a new diary at the beginning of the year; buying new pens to go with it; downloading a new app that is the most beautiful list making program EVER and choosing which special pens get to to go in my pencil case. Yes, this is going to be one of those posts. An obsessive, I-love-organising post. I’m going to let you know how I keep my life in sync and how to enjoy it along the way. Because let’s be honest, life can be busy, busy, busy. Sometimes it’s freaking hard keeping up. It’s hard to get organised and to feel motivated, happy and excited. So, hopefully, this will help you out.


no mum, that’s not a hookup app

Bear. Oh, Bear. Ok, where do I start with Bear…? I can’t even remember the specific time or date you came into my life, but all I have to say now is that I’m extremely grateful. So much so, this little app has taken its rightful place on my phone dock. Without a doubt I use it every. single day. I never thought I’d use an app as much as I do this one. I’ve used a lot of list making apps in the past, downloading and making a few lists, use it for a little planning, but they’ve never quite stuck. I never found they helped much and I never found myself going back to them… unfortunately. So, when I came across Bear, I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s free after all. However, I used it and used it, creating detailed plans and reminders, lists that I’ve used now for as long as I can remember, and I’ve even made a ‘To Do’ list that I come back to every morning to update for the day. I decided after a while to pay for Pro. It’s only ¬£13.99 for a year and it unlocks incredible features; the ability to sync every single note and list to all your apple devices. As a huge Apple fan with devices coming out of my ears, I couldn’t have been more excited. And for any bloggers out there; or anyone who needs to plan things in advance, I cannot recommend it enough. It truly is stunning; it’s so so easy to use and it’s fun too, playing around with all the different features. You can check it out -> *here <- if you’re interested.

never too many pens

When I go shopping, I really have to tell myself not to go into WHSmith or any other stationary store because I just know that I’ll go in and spend a lot of money on pens and notebooks that I really do not need. These pens are from one of those moments. That moment, however, I do not regret. Actually, I’m so so happy that I did wander in Staples one day because I wondered out with a set of multicoloured pens that I love now as much as I did the day that I bought them. Let’s put it this way, I’m a pen hoarder. For sure. I collect them and buy them when I don’t need them; I keep old ones when I buy some more (I actually think I’ve still got my pencil case from school somewhere… with every single pen and pencil that survived my school years). I just love pens. So freaking much. So anyway, these PaperMate ones were on sale when I bought them, but you can find them on -> *Amazon <-, in most stores that sell stationary, and of course on their -> website <-, too. These pens are perfect. Not only do they look cute sat on a desk, but they’re colourful, smooth, reliable, comfy, and they look amazing in a diary as well. I use them to highlight important notes or as an underline for different topics. I’ve had these pens for ages and they’re still going strong. I totally, totally recommend.

the perfect notebook for the perfect notes

Sometimes, certain notes have to go in a certain place. If you didn’t already know, I love to read and to write fiction. I love it. I really, really do. So one day, when I was browsing the shelfs in Paperchase, I stumbled across this notebook. For a long, long time prior, I’d been writing down quick notes of inspiration on my phone or in little A5 notebooks that I once bought from Sainsbury’s. In these little notebooks I’d write quotes that stayed with me, ideas for stories and even other moments from some of my favourite works of fiction. When I saw this notebook, Reach For The Stars, I instantly knew I had to buy it and it had to be the place for all things fiction, ideas, and inspiration. I’m obsessed. I’ve been using it to organise my stories; creating characters and plot lines; and even some poems thrown into it, too. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on Paperchase’s website, but they do sell some lovely pens, notebooks, even greetings cards that are totally irresistible. If you haven’t yet checked them out, you can do, -> here <-.


Make sure to comment down below any shops or pieces of stationary that you know of. I spend so much of my free time going though stationary boards on Pinterest and dreaming about my future desk and how it’s going to be set up… is that sad?… Naaaah. Haha. We love what we love! I thought I’d just mention quickly a few other little features in this post. As I mentioned before, I love stationary so I have a lot of it. I’m currently loving the Zoella Lifestyle pencils – which you can find -> here <-, and some highlighters from Tiger – which you can find -> here <-.

Anyway, that’ll be it for this post! Thank you so much for paying my blog a little visit. I truly do appreciate it. As usual, I hope you’re having the most wonderful day wherever you are in the world, and I hope this post has inspired you in some way; that you’re now wishing to buy a new notebook and some new pens – maybe even an app – that will help you along the organised road. Let me know if you try anything! Ok, lots and lots and lots of love, Pat xx

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