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Change… Let’s Talk About It

24th November 2017

Internet, oh internet. It feels like a billion years since I was on you last. It’s weird, you never think you’re going to miss the endless world of the internet until you’re stripped completely of it. If you’ve never read another one of my posts before, you might’ve missed the fact that I’ve just moved house. I moved from the house I spent most of my childhood in, to my own, with my boyfriend. Yeah, it still hasn’t quite sunken in yet.

Let’s say ten days… yeah, ten days. For the last ten days, all my hours have consisted of is paint, luke-warm coffee, dry skin (extra, I know, but oh-my-gosh, my lips and hands have never been so dry in my life!) and the constant worry of streaks in the wall I’ve just painted. It’s been a full-time (and over-time) job and I was exhausted. Way too exhausted to sit and edit a video, or type up a blog post; I was even too tired to sit on Twitter and scroll through my feed.

It was totally worth the work, though. Now, as I type this, I’m sat at my dining table with a candle burning and even though I’m still very much adjusting to having moved quite far from home, goodness am I happy. I’m scared and grateful, constantly feeling determined, and yes I miss my friends, my family and my dogs more than I could’ve imagined, but was it worth it? Oh, definitely. And will I eventually get used to them not being around? I bloody hope so. I have already organised to go back, actually. Which is keeping me going when I feel like I can’t go anymore. Now, I’m feeling good. I’m feeling determined, and I’m ready to get shiz done.

I didn’t want to ramble for too long in this post but wanted more than anything to get this post up. I suppose for anyone out there who is in the situation of moving or change, remember it’s all ok. I know a few of my friends are missing me right now (you know who you are) and I’m missing them too, but I want anyone who’s sad or worried or in a bad place to remember that being sad is ok. It’s alright to cry and to feel down, but remember one thing: it’ll all come right eventually – that might just take some time. Promise.

Ok! I feel like that’s everything out of my system. I think I’ve managed to keep it short and sweet. I’ll take this moment to quickly mention my YouTube channel – I upload weekly and am working on some really exciting content! So go and check it out; the link is at the bottom and in the top right corner of the page. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it enlightening in some way. Sending all my love and happiness! Lots and lots of love, Pat xx


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