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Brighton – A Very Bright Birthday Away

18th July 2016

You know what’s really odd and that’s how for as long as I can remember, on my birthday, have I felt any different. Even at the age of seventeen going on eighteen did I actually feel any different. However on the tenth of July, I turned twenty and honestly, I felt bloody different!

One question that normally makes me think more than it should is when someone asks me, “So what are you doing for your birthday then?” and I’m almost every year like, “Oh, probably just going to go for a meal somewhere and have a nice day at home.” However this year, completely not like me, decided on doing something different. My boyfriend, Dan, suggested that we stay at his mum’s London home and have a weekend down there. And of course London being one of my all time favourite places ever, I jumped on this unorthodox opportunity and packed a bag, ironed some nice evening shirts, and headed down to London.

We arrived after about a two and a half hour drive with the whole afternoon in front of us and decided to make the most of our time. However, once settled and ready to unpack our bags, we came to the discovery that we forgot our shirts… the nice ones that we ironed!? Yeah, we sort of LEFT THEM IN THE CLOSET *angry face emoji*. But it wasn’t all bad… With Dan knowing the area somewhat, we decided to drive an extra forty minutes or so to Ashford Outlet – a place that literally feels like it’s floating in mid-air; balloon like canopies circle the whole thing and I found this extremely exciting. It also has a hella loud of shirts! Shirts in which we forgot *angry face emoji again*. We spent about four hours shopping from Lindt, to Yankee Candle, M&S and this AMAZING bakery called the Cornish Bakery which honetly blew my mind. Let’s just say leaving that bakery was well and truly tough.

After spending way too much money on mostly chocolate and discounted Yankee Candles, we decided to head back. That night we mostly chilled out in front of the TV, headed up to Bluewater shopping centre and had some nachos – they were too good. The next day again, we decided to go back to Bluewater, but this time do some shopping. We got some breakfast at Bills, which was also AMAZING, (if you can’t tell already, I’m a massive foodie) and then did some more shopping. That night, again we went out for a wonderful meal with some friends and headed back for a cosy night in.


Fast forward a day, and today was my birthday! (Happy birthday to me!) Originally we planned on going to central London, maybe pay Lush at Oxford Street a little visit, but changed our minds at the last minute. Instead, we decided to go to Brighton. I love Brighton, honestly, more than I love London and the idea of seeing the sea and Brighton Pier again won me over. And also, because of where Dan used to live, it only took about an hours drive! Win, win if you ask me.

In Brighton we made our way to Brighton Pier straightaway and walked, as some would say, painfully slow around the whole thing. We even stood on the side of it just looking out into the sea for a good twenty minutes – this was particularly entertaining. We made our way around the town multiple times, got some ice cream, sat on the beach and watched men get fired into the sky on this “sky shot” trampoline thing; it’s safe to say I was mesmerised by the place, as usual. I don’t know what it is, but every time that I go to Brighton, and it’s going to sound cheesy, but I always find myself feeling at some sort of peace. It’s a place that I miss as soon as I leave and not once while I’m there get bored or find myself wanting to come home. To be honest, it’s definitely safe to say I could sit on the beach for a good couple of hours and find myself not getting bored. It was wonderful.

So other than enjoying myself immensely, we enjoyed a lot of ice cream, shopping, some amazing teas from Bluebird Tea and also a bloody tiring day! We drove back that afternoon, rested back on the sofa with some birthday cake, watched a film and well and truly relaxed.

I had a wonderful birthday down in Brighton and London for my twentieth and maybe that’s why I feel different. I guess, maybe, and I still have no idea why, but time to me feels like it’s going way too fast. I was only in Brighton a week ago as I write this blog post and it feels like years. What scares me the most is soon enough (I work for Starbucks if you’re unaware) the Pumpkin Spice latte might be back! How mad is that?!


And as usual, time for a serious note. When in Brighton me and Dan spent endless minutes just sitting on the beach, listening to the ocean and enjoying every second of it. You know, I once read something by Suzanne Collins (I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure) and she said, “days sat staring at the walls are just as productive as those sat at a desk.”And for some reason, this hit me while staring off of the side of the Pier and watching the waves wash up the shore. I realised that time is precious and enjoying each second of it is often forgotten. Inspiration and happiness really can wash over you, even when just staring at a group of seagulls fighting over a packet of chips.


Let me know where or what you’ve planned for your birthday or any other trips for that matter! I’ll be sure to be going back to Brighton… maybe for a birthday or maybe just because!

Haha have the best day,

– Pat xx