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Autumn, My Old Friend

31st October 2017

I’m sure you’ve already noticed, and I feel like winter is already creeping on in, but it’s that time of year again: Autumn! Or Fall, maybe. But either way, it’s that time of year again; there are leaves on the ground (a lot of freaking leaves), the nights are getting longer and colder, I’ve already bought myself a new matching scarf and hat set, and the most obvious one, I feel oh-so cosy. I’ve been burning cinnamon scented candles, sleeping with a throw on my bed and have seriously had to convince myself it’s too early to listen to some Christmas songs… Not much longer now, though, November is soon my friends. Very, very soon.

I’ve been massively craving to do one of these blog posts again. The sort of one where I sit down and just tap away on my keyboard – along the way just seeing what sort of stuff I come up with. I freaking love these sorta posts. I’m pretty sure I say that every time I do one, but I really do love them. And I know you love them, too. So, why the fudge not?! Am I right?

So, what has been going on? What’s been going on in your lives?! I’m feeling quite content at the minute, to be honest. I’m feeling constantly warm and cosy. Like I’m always sipping on a hot chocolate. I have, however, been up and down at some points – I’ve had a few days that have been challenging, but on the most part, I’m really freaking happy – feeling the most positive I have in a long, long time.

For the most of this month and a bit of last, me and Dan have been sorting a lot of stuff out. Because guess what…. we’re MOVING OUT. We’re officially doing it – we’re getting our own place; with our own sofa, own kitchen, own rabbit table lamp. Everything. We’ve been planning, buying, planning some more, and so on. It’s been kinda busy. At times stressful (why was finding tea, coffee and sugar containers the hardest things to find?), but most of all, so freaking exciting. I’m gonna have my own study to lock myself away in and create, create, create, and we’ve even bought a Nespresso machine, which, if I’m being totally honest, was the first thing we bought all together. (Coffee is important to us, ok?)

One thing that I’ve been attempting to do a lot of more of is upload to YouTube. If you didn’t yet know, I have my own little Patjama YouTube channel where I mostly just upload chit-chatty videos and vlogs, either about books or products or walking around London – if you would like to check it out, you can do so here. I filmed a video not too long ago about how I want to relaunch my channel. You see, I’ve attempted uploading to YouTube a fair few times now but have struggled immensely. So, I looked at YouTube from a whole other perspective and have started uploading a lot more content, which I’m oh-so-happy with. So, just to round this paragraph off, it’s never too late to give something a shot. Even if you’ve tried and failed a few times before. The main thing is trying. Try, try, try.

I started this blog post in my old bedroom, I’m continuing it now in a temporary bedroom, and plan on having it uploaded by the time I’ve moved into my new house. My. New. House. I still can’t quite believe it to be honest. I never really felt like I would move out of my parents’ house anytime soon – I guess my main goal was to save, save, save, and look for something then. The only thing is a few things changed, opportunities popped up, and I said yes. Me and Dan said yes, to a house. To. A. Freaking. House. I’m nervous, excited, and majorly optimistic. Either way, it’s new. And new is good.

Here’s to this time of year. The time of change. It’s funny, actually, because this time last year I quit my job to give my creativity some TLC. My main aim was to dedicate full-time hours to my writing, creating, reading, and walking through the countryside. I did exactly that. And now, I plan on doing me. I plan on spending time on my dreams, putting my head down and getting s**t done. Excuse the language, but I’m determined. Oh-so freaking determined! I hope you are too. I also want people to remember, because I have to remind myself this all the time, dreams don’t work unless you do. However, it’s ok to take your time. Little by little is ok. It’s something. And that’s the important thing. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy frolicking through the many leaves! Lots and lots of love, Patrick xx